Welcome to Gadsby Bangkok, where passion and expertise come together to create an unforgettable dining experience. I’m Chef M, and for the past 17 years, I have proudly served as the owner and chef of Gadsby Belgium, honing my skills and crafting the perfect burger that has delighted taste buds across the globe.


But my journey doesn’t stop there. After dedicating years to perfecting my culinary craft and working out every detail to create the ultimate burger, I am thrilled to embark on a new adventure. I am bringing Gadsby to Bangkok, ready to captivate the taste buds of Bangkok’s crowd with my unique experience and discoveries.

You got to try that !

Le Chef Trahi

Le Chef Trahi chicken burger

Homemade breaded chicken, tartar sauce, double cheddar cheese, bacon, onion, mesclun.

Le Magnifique

Le Magnifique beef burger

Beef burger, Gadsby sauce, artisanal cheese croquette, bacon, cooked onion, mixed greens

Enjoy the Ultimate Burger Restaurant Experience in Bangkok

A Burger Restaurant Masterpiece Even Al Capone and John Dillinger Would Crave!

gangster poster at the corridor of a restaurant

Hold onto your taste buds because Gadsby is taking over Bangkok’s culinary scene with a bang! We’re dishing up the most-wanted Burgé of Belgium that even gangsters Al Capone and John Dillinger would kill for.


Our legendary Chef M has created a culinary masterpiece that’s sure to blow your mind. Made with the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients, each bite is a symphony of flavors that will take your taste buds on a wild adventure. Trust us, it’s a burger like you’ve never had before.

But Gadsby is not just about the food – we’ve got the perfect ambiance for a night out with your friends. Step inside our cozy, old-world speakeasy and you’ll feel like you’ve time-travelled straight to Belgium.


If you’re looking for the newest hotspot in Bangkok, look no further! Gadsby is the place to be. Book your table now for a dining experience that will make your taste buds sing and your friends jealous. Don’t believe us? Come and find out for yourself!

More Food

burgers on a table with glasses
Italian style beef tartare

Together, let’s embark on this exciting adventure where Belgian culinary expertise meets the vibrant and diverse tastes of Bangkok.

The Gadsby salad
Le Pari Burger All cheese

Private Events

corporate party at gadsby bangkok

Step into a world of exclusive experiences at Gadsby, where we guarantee an awe-inspiring time within our walls. If you’re seeking a private affair like no other, we’ve got you covered!


With Gadsby, your privacy is our priority. We take pride in curating extraordinary moments tailored to your desires, ensuring every second spent with us is nothing short of amazing.


Whether it’s an intimate celebration, a romantic date, or a gathering with your closest friends, our team is dedicated to crafting an ambiance that surpasses expectations. From the enchanting decor to the impeccable service, every detail is designed to create a memorable experience just for you.


Make your private moments extraordinary at Gadsby. Contact us now to reserve your exclusive affair and let us show you what true indulgence feels like.