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The perfect hamburger starts with ideal meat.

- April 17, 2023
The Perfect Hamburger Starts With Ideal Meat
A good bun, proper cooking, and a little bit of toppings and sauce…your hamburger is almost ready. However, the foundation of a good hamburger is the meat. It can be frozen or come from a real butcher. How do you choose it well? What meat should you use for the best hamburgers? Chef M from Belgium, Namur, shares his secrets for a perfect hamburger. ‘It all starts at the farm. That’s where we make all the difference.’ Chef M (47) is a chef and entrepreneur. He owns Gadsby in Belgium and is opening a new branch in Bangkok on Thonglor 13 at the end of April 2023.”

The secret to the best hamburger

The Secret To The Best Hamburger
Chef M’s response is categorical when asked what the best hamburger is: “It depends on everyone’s tastes. Their desires, the season, the time of day, and the situation: those with a lot of time will probably choose a gourmet hamburger. Busy people prefer a takeout hamburger. Different answers are possible.” Several types of hamburgers: from the simplest to the most elaborate What meat makes the best hamburgers? Often, beef and pork are used, allowing for much variation. Chef M says, “We often combine several types of meat. Sometimes we even add beef marrow. What’s important to me is that you taste the animal’s origin well and do not use too many spices. It would indeed be a shame to lose the flavor of the meat.” You can even go further. Today, Chef M offers 100% beef burgers.  “I created a blend based on oxtail, Black Aberdeen ribeye, and hanger steak. I add rosemary, a little salt, and black pepper – a must with red meat – and a little cayenne pepper for a slightly spicier touch. Again: this is about my taste.”

Using multiple parts of the animal

Using Multiple Parts Of Beef
Several parts of the animal can be used to make good hamburgers. The ribeye, which Chef M often uses, is particularly well-suited for this. The same goes for cuts from the shoulder or neck. Chef M advises, “The meat used for hamburgers cannot be too lean. Some parts of the animal have a particular taste, such as the hanger steak or oxtail. Don’t hesitate to use them to add more flavor.”

Perfect cooking

Perfect Cooking
A hamburger can be cooked on the grill or the stovetop. It’s up to the chef to choose what they prefer. “When you cook a hamburger on the grill, you inevitably get a slightly smoky taste. I prefer to cook them on the stovetop in butter and olive oil. I take them off the heat when they are still pink in the middle (medium rare) and let them rest for a minute before serving to tenderize the meat. Only then do I serve them?”

Tips for a perfectly formed hamburger

How to keep the meat from falling apart during cooking? Chef M never uses breadcrumbs. “Breadcrumbs contain gluten, so I try to avoid it. I bind my meat using vegetable fibers and sometimes an egg.” Everyone will use their blend of herbs and spices according to their preferences. For Chef M, the most important thing is to preserve the flavor of the raw material. “No way to only taste the spices. They serve to enhance the meat’s flavor, not mask it. Spices can never dominate.”

A perfect presentation

A Perfect Presentation
The way to serve a hamburger is also a matter of personal preference. Chef M served us hamburgers today with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup, and black pepper mozzarella cream. He had first cut the bun in half and grilled it in a hot pan. Good fries accompanied the hamburger for a perfect presentation. Spoil yourself with 15 years of culinary expertise in just one meal at Gadsby in Bangkok. Book your table now.


  • What type of meat should be used for making the best hamburgers?

    • Chef M suggests using a blend of meats such as oxtail, Black Aberdeen ribeye, and hanger steak for a rich flavor. The meat should be chosen based on personal taste and preference.
  • Can different types of meat be combined to create a flavorful burger?

    • Yes, combining different types of meat can add variation and depth of flavor to the burger. Chef M often combines beef and pork and sometimes adds beef marrow for an extra touch of taste.
  • Which parts of the animal are suitable for making hamburgers?

    • Several parts of the animal can be used, including ribeye, cuts from the shoulder or neck, hanger steak, and oxtail. Using these parts adds unique flavors to the burgers.
  • What is the recommended cooking method for hamburgers?

    • Hamburgers can be cooked on the grill or stovetop. Chef M prefers cooking them on the stovetop in butter and olive oil. For medium-rare burgers, they are cooked until pink in the middle and allowed to rest before serving.
  • How can the meat be bound together without using breadcrumbs?

    • Chef M avoids using breadcrumbs due to gluten content. Instead, vegetable fibers and sometimes an egg are used to bind the meat together while preserving the natural flavors.