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Unleash Your Burger Obsession with the Perfect Crafted Balance!

- April 11, 2023

More luxurious burgers, also known as gourmet burgers, are conquering the hearts of millions of consumers. With creativity, you can transform classic burgers into gourmet burgers, spice up your menu, and boost your profit margin. Want to know why burgers are a must-have dish for the success of your establishment? Check out our menu

In a burger, each ingredient has a role to play

vegetable and meat

When preparing a burger, the skill is to assemble the perfect one. Although seemingly simple, it is a nuanced and underestimated skill that can result in an ideal or a failed burger. The creation of a perfect burger is the subject of much debate. Some swear by spicy sauce, others by onion rings or scrambled eggs. But in practice, here’s what also depends on your burger: the order of ingredients, or in other words: the architecture of the hamburger. Although tasty, each element has a specific role, and their order makes the difference!

double burgers on a plate

The main 4 for the perfect burger

  1. The hamburger bun Obviously, we start with the bun. The bottom and top bun should be slightly toasted to bring out more flavor and give the impression of just coming out of the oven. The bun is your base, playing a pivotal role in defining the texture and appearance of your burger. Discover all the hamburger buns from Pastridor!
  2. The perfect sauce for hamburgers Next comes the sauce, which you should spread on the bottom and top bun. The sauce adds flavor and plays a crucial role in keeping the toppings and vegetables in place. The sauce will hold your condiments in the bun and anchor your vegetables on top! Vary from classic ketchup. Serve your gourmet burgers with cheesy sauce, or add garlic, curry, or lemon juice to traditional mayonnaise.
  3. The burger is the heart of your hamburger, And finally, we have the center, the burger, the main body. It is the heart of the burger, its substance. You should diversify the type of patty, so choose from beef, chicken, fish, and vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Read here why vegan options are so important. This last one is important to attract a young and flexitarian clientele.
  4. Essential on a good burger: cheese. The cheese, which should cover the patty, is a vital ingredient to add flavor and color. It is also an essential barrier against moisture; thanks to this, moist ingredients do not migrate. Adding cheese also justifies a higher price on the menu, while a slice of cheese (20 grams) represents only about 5% of the total food cost.
The Perfect Hamburger Starts With Ideal Meat


Choosing the right products is essential, but a gourmet burger is not just the sum of all the ingredients. The synergy of flavors and textures makes the “gourmet burger.” The architecture of the hamburger means that a hamburger is built according to the rules of the art. Attention to detail is what distinguishes experts from amateurs. On the other you still can come to Gadsby and avoid all this hassle, we promised to take good care of you. Book Now !